How to increase your klout score and social influence

Klout is a tool that measure your influence score based on the different type of social media networks you are using. The different type of social media that you can include in your klout are Facebook, twitter, tumblr, google+, LinkedIn and more. This is beneficial for business and consumers. The more active you are on your social media networks the higher klout score you will receive. Even if you participate on different type of social media networks and you do not have enough followers you will not be influencing many people so your klout score will not be high as someone that has many followers.

To increase your klout score you will need to have content that is interesting that other people will follow you and take your advice and spread the word. These days more people trust their friends or people that will influence them some way in their life. They do not trust advertising as much as of word of mouth. Before media became big and many companies can afford it it was all word of mouth and there where successful business. Now we are still using word of mouth but through social media because technology has improved and now people can connect to anyone around the world.

You use different methods to increase your klout score just by giving them k+ and adding topics that you like and at you will be able to influence other many people that like the same topics. Klout provides you perks that you can redeem as your klout score is going higher. There are brands that will give away free product because you influence many people. One of my professors got a free Cadillac from the company for three days to try it out due that he had a very high klout score and the company knows he can influence many other people. If my professors likes it he is going to tell many people about it and they might go and try it out and maybe that will lead to a sale. Cadillac payed a small price comparing to other forms of media such as tv advertising, because they know consumers are more willing to buy from an influencer.

Keep the content fresh and keep posting things on a variety type of social media networks you will gain more followers and you will be influencing many people.There is always something on our minds to say so if it interesting just say it.

I don’t think that klout is a good influencer tool for business because their information are not always accurate and they are not compatible with other type of social media networks such as LinkedIn, tumblr and google+. I connected all those three type of accounts to my klout and klout does not pick up any of the information on those social media networks. Klouts sometimes picks topics that you are actually not interested in. There are some things that they need to work on to make it an influencer tool for businesses. I would suggest that business should invest in an influencer tool to get more accurate information.

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